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Why Agfa HealthCare?

No other enterprise imaging company adds value like Agfa HealthCare
Dedicated, experienced forward thinkers committed to developing information strategies to advance your strategic goals, such as:
  • EHR optimization, providing a secure, interoperable collaboration infrastructure
  • Improvement in clinical care and patient engagement processes
  • Easy exchange and sharing of medical imaging data between stakeholders across the care continuum

When planning and implementing your vendor neutral Enterprise Imaging strategy, Agfa HealthCare provides individual consultation based on your environment and implementation needs. For more information, please contact us using the tab at the top of this page.

Workflow and technology consolidation

  • Provides multispecialty clinical depth
  • Promotes clinical data integrity and patient safety
  • Enables accessibility across disparate, remote networks
  • Enables clinical efficiency and easy collaboration

Advanced value-based care

Value-based care is all about building a health care management strategy that focuses on costs, quality and, most importantly, outcomes. Our goal is to help your organization innovate a value-based culture enabling:

  • Enhanced care collaboration and information workflow efficiency
  • Immediate image exchange without the heavy cost of data migrations and CD fiascos across the care continuum
  • Improvement of patient safety and experience, advancing patient satisfaction
  • A culture of information utilization efficiency, supported by a consolidated and interoperable Imaging EHR

Clinical and operational efficiency

  • Advances readmission reduction strategies
  • Helps reduce risk exposure due to documentation of patient’s condition at different points in the care path
  • Enables compliance with Meaningful Use stage 2 and 3 of hospital physician requirements (USA)
  • Helps attract and retain quality physicians with efficient tools and elegant care-centric workflows