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Single Consolidated Platform

Regional Collaboration Advances Population Management

Enables regional collaboration and population health management with interoperable solutions to solve HIE, image exchange, and patient transfer use cases.

  • Helps reduce duplicate procedures, diagnosis/clinical decision time, image transport costs, and the time it takes to access foreign studies by allowing physicians to share and exchange both clinical and diagnostic imaging information
  • Advances the creation of private image sharing networks that can be accessed from multiple organizations

Extends Collaboration Across The Continuum

The singular, consolidated platform offers multiple departments - radiology, wound care, ophthalmology, dermatology or beyond - a common, unsiloed enterprise solution that is built to support vendor-neutral, value-based care.

Our one-platform approach allows health professionals along the continuum to access medical reports and relevant imaging data that enrich each patient’s visual health infographic. With intuitive, care-centric workflows, clinicians can:

  • Acquire and review clinically relevant images within the context of the EHR for confident diagnostic decisions
  • Share and collaborate with all care providers, regardless of geography
  • Deliver quality care and help improve outcomes

Improving Interoperability, Reducing Costs

XERO® Exchange Network allows rapid, uncomplicated image exchange without costly and resource consuming CDs. The fast turnaround of patient images empowers clinicians to make speedy, confident diagnoses, especially important in trauma transfer or referral workflows.

XERO® Exchange Network provides access to all visual media from ANY standard data source in a single, secure universal viewer. With this capability your organization can:

  • Read and share images from CDs, DVDs, DICOM, non-DICOM, reports, more
  • Enable enterprise-wide viewing without VNA or VPN
  • Eliminate CD/DVD burning for both delivery management and incoming workflow
  • Work on multiple OS platforms and mobile devices
Universal View
Universal View

Universal Access
To Images

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging XERO® Viewer facilitates universal access with real-time communication and collaboration across the care continuum

  • Zero foot print universal viewer
  • Enables longitudinal view of multidisciplinary patient images
  • Capture and store virtually any content (images and documents)
  • No additional database to maintain or additional software to download
  • Flexibility and control with API/Themes
  • Enhances mobility securely - and clinician satisfaction
  • No downtime upgrades
  • Cache not required
  • Empowers clinicians with tools for collaboration with peers

Robust Solutions
for Interoperable Archiving

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging VNA improves clinical access through massively scalable, central consolidation of DICOM and non-DICOM data.

  • Vendor-neutral, storage agnostic archive services facilitate a central clinical data foundation
  • Helps reduce and manage image ownership and migration cost
  • Openly communicates with other systems, facilitating interoperability
  • Centralization of storage infrastructure enables IT efficiency
  • Intelligent Lifecycle Management (ILM) for organizations of all sizes

Converge. Consolidate. Collaborate.

Agfa HealthCare delivers a standards-based, care-centric workflow platform that enables a comprehensive patient health record across all departments within a single facility, or between multiple facilities.

  • Enterprise Content Management satisfies the need for standardization of documents and images, regardless of geography
  • Helps deliver value-based care by enabling clinical relevance and enriching medical reports and imaging
  • Facilitates patient engagement and satisfaction through speedy access to visual media throughout care continuum


Envision the Future of Care

It’s the way we put it together
that sets us apart.

  • One Platform
  • One Patient Record
  • One View Through the EHR
  • One Enterprise-wide Imaging Solution

A care-centric, interoperable, collaborative workflow platform of image management and repository solutions across the continuum of care. The Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging solution optimizes your EHR with multispecialty image informatics, acquisition, exchange, mobile, and regional solutions. With an Imaging EHR, providers gain rapid, secure access to visual media – to enable coordinated care and stakeholder satisfaction.